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Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing Auckland Wide

For centuries decorative terrazzo finishes have adorned the floors of the aristocracy.

Showing off the exposed stone aggregate in a residential, commercial or industrial concrete floor can add great value and durability resulting in a low maintenance, seamless floor surface for your flooring requirements

If the concrete hasn’t been laid yet you can create a unique look by adding a large number of options. Colour, Glass, paua, shell,  florescent pebbles, fibre optics etc.

When existing concrete is not suitable for your desired look, we can lay a 10 mm terrazzo layer and grind this back, again the colours and options are only limited by your imagination.

During the process, we use the latest technology densifying chemicals to harden the concrete, which provides a permanent finish.  Being so hard it is much harder to scratch and is so smooth it is very easy to clean.

A mop on stain guard is applied once we have finished polishing the stain guard is the only part to maintain.

A high gloss mirror type shine finish with a shiny reflective surface can brighten the room and reduce artificial lighting requirements thus saving on energy costs, a lower sheen or matt finish is also achievable as opposed to a glossy finish, diamond concrete polishing and then buffing your floors with various grades of grits is an economical alternative to applying a floor covering such as tiles, carpets, vinyl or other coverings whilst still creating an attractive marble or granite type retro look finish with aesthetic appeal.

The features and benefits of Grinding and sealing, rather than a polish system.

A grind and sealing option for your floor provides a lower application cost where we would typically grind the surface, fill defects and cracks adding character to the look of the floor then apply a topcoat sealer system which can be either solvent or water based, shiny or slip resistant depending on the longevity requirements of the floor and whether it is indoors or exposed to harsh outdoor UV degradation.

The two main benefits to applying high build sealers are that the floor will be much more stain resistant and we have matt and non-slip options available. So this is much more suited to workshop floors for oil spills, outdoors areas and showers, baths and commercial bench tops.

We can grind the concrete from zero cement look to maximum stone exposure or less stone exposure to suit your personal taste either way leaving you with a hard-wearing abrasion resistant seamless floor which is easy to clean and maintain.

Both Grind and seal and polished concrete floor options are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly with a low carbon footprint impact on the environment and minimal waste and has the ability to improve the indoor air quality by preventing the normally porous surface structure of the concrete from harbouring bacteria, dust, mildew and mold.

Concrete can also be stained in various colours, have patterns applied and inlays added.

Block honing is also very popular providing a durable and attractive finish to any premises.


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